Who are we looking for?

Tabler - what else?

The members of ROUND TABLE come from all walks of life and join for a variety of reasons - perhaps as a gateway to relaxation and to enjoyment, or as a way of participating in the local community. It is, of course, an ideal way for those who have moved into a new area to find new friends of a similar age. Membership of ROUND TABLE helps to create confidence and character. The individual learns quickly to mix and 'have-a-go' at helping to organize and run meetings and events. The organization is run by and for tablers as a hobby.

WE WANT YOU, if you are willing "to get together round the table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible, improve them"? (HRH Price Edward, Prince of Wales, 1927). This may sound a little frumpy but the phrase "adopt, adapt, improve" is a key facet of our organisation, and is often seen on ROUND TABLE literature and regalia.

Furthermore you should be able to adhere to our aims and objects, i.e.

  1. develop and deepen the friendship of young men of different professional groups by sharing their professional experience and through joint public service.
  2. raising awareness that each has obligations to the general public.
  3. cultivating high ideals in professional and social life.
  4. developing and deepening international understanding, friendship and cooperation.
  5. spreading ROUND TABLE.

Sounds out of touch with the real world? No, not at all. This is the foundation of our movement and it is what we represent as tablers no matter where we are in the world.

A rich diversity of professions, occupations, nationalities and personal characters coupled with desire to work for charity and make new friends at every opportunity makes ROUND TABLE a unique global service club.